V3 Gold

V3 Gold


• 24 Pack of 500 ml bottles 


V3 GOLD Alkaline Structured Water


1. Alkaline pH of 9.0 – neutralizes Acids/balances pH

2. Hexagonally Structured Molecules – carries more energy and penetrates the cells faster than unstructured water

3. Magnetized – Tastes sweeter and has more clarity, promotes a more alkaline pH and revitalizes the body, The active hydrogen and dissolved oxygen level in magnetic water was found to be higher

4. 528 hz embedded – The “Love Frequency” is proven to improve the health of cells and DNA

5. Infused with minerals and organic ingredients (known to have the following effects)

a. Colloidal Gold – Supports mental focus and concentration, improved energy levels, improved memory and a general sense of well-being, improved hand eye coordination, increases electrical conductivity in the body, proven to increase IQ

b. Organic Fulvic Acid – Powerful free radical scavenger and anti-oxidant, stimulates metabolism, detoxifies and chelates heavy metals and pollutants, transports nutrients

c. Ionic Copper – needed for red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, the production of RNA, enzyme activity, hair and skin color. Has been used as a remedy for gray hair, burns, arthritis, parasites, viral & bacterial infections.

d. Magnesium – needed for over 300 reactions in our bodies, regulates blood sugar & blood pressure levels, helps with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes & depression

e. Silica - Promotes healthy skin and rejuvenates collagen, elastin, cartilage and tendon regeneration, helps maintain the integrity of connective tissue in the heart and blood vessels

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