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are all formulated with key minerals usually not found. Minerals like Colloidal Silver, Gold, Platinum, Electrum, CBD, HEMPX, and Oxygen. All of these waters are available for shipment.

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All of our V3 Waters are reverse osmosis filtered, charcoal filtered, UV Filtered and then filtered down to 1 micron in the batch/mix tank where testing is done for Chlorine, Fluoride, TDS, pH, and conductivity.


The V3 formula of ingredients are then infused and mixed while embedding the 528 hz tone (Love Frequency) into the water. Then the batch is retested for pH, TDS, conductivity and especially taste.


Once the batch is perfectly mixed and tested then the infused water is pumped through a series of structuring, energizing and magnetizing technologies that make it super smooth tasting to the tongue and super energizing to all the cells in your body and then it goes into the BPA FREE Recyclable bottle that will soon be replaced by a bio-degradable Hemp bottle.

Our bodies and our pets bodies are 70-80% water so the quality and type of water we consume makes a huge difference on our health.


Drinking V3 Alkaline Structured Waters on a daily basis will definitely have a positive impact on your health because it Hydrates, Energizes and Detoxifies all of the cells in your body.


The words LOVE, JOY, PEACE & GRATITUDE are printed on the label which also has a positive effect

on the molecules of V3 Water and in turn your body.

V3 stands for VIM VIGOR & VITALITY and V3 Water gives you just that!

V3 Viral LOGO2.png